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The Rich Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir Studies in Art and Architecture, History and Culture of the Region

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出版社:Gyan Publishing House
重量:615 gms
書誌情報:363 Pages, 8 Plates, Charts, Index, Appendices, Bibliography, Acknowledgements

書籍タイトル "The Rich Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir Studies in Art and Architecture, History and Culture of the Region" 著者 Karan Singh. こちらの書籍が発行された年 1998. 書籍ISBN番号 8121205700|9788121205702 このタイトルは Hardback バージョンに割り当てられます 書籍の総ページ数 pp. 363 (ページ) この書籍の出版社はこちらです Gyan Publishing House. 当サイトにはこちらの出版社から 1204 冊の素晴らしい書籍がございます

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Prof. Somnath Wakhlu has basically been a teacher of English literature but while working in the Amar Mahal Museum and Library, Jammu for the last two and half decades his mind got yoked to many devotions of Jammu and Kashmir art and architecture, History and culture, mysticism and literature. And he passes from one devotion to the other with athletic ease.

The present Book is divided into two parts: one is concerned with Jammu and the other with Kashmir. Then each part is subdivided into various sections; first, art and architecture; second, history and third, literature.

Essays on art and architecture: this section attempts at a descriptive and critical study of ancient monuments of Jammu and Kashmir. The Author has detailed the geographic and scenic beauty of the places with actuality and narrated the historical background in quite a succinct manner. He has examined the religious aspect and then in the case of paintings his analytical faculty marks the critical one.

Historical Essays: In this section Prof. Wakhlu writes about the historical personages with vivid dramatic effectiveness without sacrificing the historical accuracy. He has written only about the great and noble historical figures ignoring many Others of less significance.

Literary Essays: In the domain of literature he indeed has self-confidence and ease. Apart from English he also had the opportunity to study both the Dogri and Kashmiri literature in depth. In this section he has taken care to include only A Few chosen representative poets.

By a slightest reflection on this work one can feel that he possesses a firm sense of composition, a sweep, and compact and delightful verve and eloquence.


Prof. Somnath Wukhlu, born at Srinagar in Kashmir, spent his life both in Jammu and Kashmir and thus he got steeped both in Dogri and Kashmiri cultures. He was selected as Lecturer in English by the State Public Service Commission. Later he was promoted as Professor of English.

Prof. Wakhlu is an orator and acknowledged as an eminent writer. He is a distinguished artist, historian and critic and has published more than two hundred and fifty articles on various subjects in various papers and journals and has been giving radio 'talks' from the Jammu and Srinagar radio stations. He has contributed six articles to the Encyclopaedia of Indian Literature, published by the Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi. He has also written a few scripts for the Doordarshan. He has several books to his credit and his book The Golden Age of Pahari Art is awaiting publication.

Presently he is in charge of the Amar Mahal Museum and Library and has been its founder Curator-cum-Librarian for the last two and half decades. He is a member of several academic societies. Photography and painting are his hobbies.

He lives at Jammu with his wife, Shrimati Prabha Devi and his son Dr. Vijay Kumar for the last three decades. He has a daughter Reeta whom he has married off.


1. Folk art and craft of the Dogras
2. Basohli : The fountain head of Pahari painting
3. Basohli paintings : The unique fascination of colours
4. Jammu Kalam and wall paintings of the Jammu region
5. Pahari paintings and the Dogra rulers of the Jammu province
6. Sobha Singh : The legendary artist and his paintings in the Amar Mahal Museum
7. Stone-carving : The art of Shivaliks
8. Architectural legacy of Jammu
9. Jai Mata Di : The holy shrine of Vaishno Devi
10. Ancient temples of Krimchi
11. Chenani and the holy temple of Sudh Mahadev
12. The Magnificent old palaces of the Dogra rulers
13. Picturesque Amar Mahal
14. Dogra jewellery and dress
15. Dogra dishes and dances

History :
16. Reign of Raja Ranjit Dev (1733-82) : Golden chapter in the history of Jammu
17. Maharaja Gulab Singh : Ulysses of the hills
18. Ranbir Singh : Maharaja with a heart of gold
19. Maharaja Hari Singh : An extraordinary social reformer
20. Maharani Tara Devi of Jammu and Kashmir (1910-67)
21. Dr. Karan Singh : From Yuvraj to global citizen

Literature :
22. Dogri folk songs
23. Prof. Ram Nath Shastri (1914) : A colossus in Dogra parnassus
24. Parmanand Almast : The melodious poet
25. Ved Pal Deep : The King of Dogri Ghazals
26. Jatinder Udhampuri : An extraordinary poet and scholar
27. Padma Sachdev (1940) : The renowned poetess
28. Yash Sharma (1927) : The poet of sweetness
29. Kehri Singh Madhukar (1929) : The great poet

30. Ghulam Rasul Santosh (1929-97) : The painter of divinity
31. Kishori Kaul : The painter of past images and present impressions
32. The holy cave of Shri Amar Nath
33. The Sun-temple of Martand in Kashmir
34. The holy shrine of Kheer Bhawani
35. Jama Masjid : The grand old mosque of Srinagar
36. Khanqah of Shah Hamdan
37. Around the Dal lake : Temple of Shankaracharya, Mughal Gardens and Hazratbal
38. Legacy of Islam in India and Kashmir
39. Jewellery and dress of Kashmiris
40. Customs and ceremonies among Kashmiris

History :
41. Kalhana : The great poet-historian of ancient Kashmir
42. Lalitaditya : The just, mighty and magnificent king of Kashmir (724-60 AD)
43. Jyapida (751-82 AD) : A great hero
44. Avantivarman (855-83 AD) : A broadminded king
45. Sultan Zain-ul-Abiden (1420-70) : The apostle of communal harmony
46. The legacy of Sheikh Moh'd Abdulla

Literature :
47. Kashmiri poetry : Its past and present
48. Mysticism in Kashmiri poetry
49. Ballad in Kashmiri
50. Kashmir : The abode of wisdom
51. Laleshwari (Lal Ded) : The great mystic saint and poetess (1335-87)
52. Sheikh Nur-ud-Din Wali (Nund Rishi) : The patron-saint of Kashmir
53. Habba Khatoon : The Nightingale of Kashmir
54. Mahjoor : The Wordsworth of Kashmir
55. Rasa Javidani : The great poet of the Small Green Valley